Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A few finishes

 This is a pair of wool socks that I knit for my husband.
 Dad's Christmas socks, all finished.
Honeycomb mittens, finished.

Thought I'd share a picture of each of our furbabies.
 This is Abby. She is a Himmydoll, which means she is part Himalayan and part Ragdoll.
 This is Lacey. She is a Maltese.
This is Buddy. He is part Maltese and part we don't know what. As you can see he likes to help with the knitting!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lets start with Easy Street and go from there!

Well, here I am after a loooong absence, trying my hand at this blogging thing again. My goal is to post once a week. Lots of changes at our house. My husband has gone back to work after 5 years of being home with a back injury. He is a truck driver, so this means he is gone for 4 or 5 days at a time, leaving me with lots of time for sewing and knitting. It also means that I am home being sole caregiver to his mum, who lives with us. She is 91 years old and has dementia, so looking after her is a full time job. She can be left alone for short periods during the day, but she's scared to be alone after dark. She goes to a day program twice a week, so those are the days I do my shopping and such. She is keeping busy knitting, mostly dishcloths as following a pattern is very difficult for her. Anyone needs dishcloths, she has tons!

 I have been busy sewing this week-end. Got a good start on Easy Street. For anyone not familiar, this is a mystery quilt from Bonnie Hunter. The first clue came out on Friday.You can check out other peoples start to this project by going to Quiltville's blog post linky here:
 These are my first 100 4 patches for Easy Street. I need a total of 192.I have the rest cut out and ready to sew together. The clues come out once a week, every Friday, for the next 6-8 weeks.
This is the machine I am sewing on, my 1947 Singer Featherweight. I bought it on Ebay, and it works like a charm. All I needed to do was put in a new needle and a new lightbulb.
 A pair of Honeycomb Mittens I am working on. These ones are knit with 100% MacAusland's wool. The pattern is available on Craftsy
 This is a pair of socks I'm knitting for a Christmas present for my dad. The yarn is Patons Kroy.
 Last night Michaels had a 70% off sale on their Craftsmart yarn from 7 pm until 10 pm. I bought 27 balls of yarn for $1.04 each. That is enough yarn to keep me knitting hats and mittens until I'm at least 150 yrs old! My husband calls me a hoarder, and I.m beginning to think he is right. I did not need more yarn.
This is a quilt I finished up last winter. The pattern was in a quilt magazine, but I don't remember which one.