Friday, April 12, 2013

Family updates, some knitting, and a few quilts

Things have been a little hectic around here lately. Mum (mother-in-law) has been diagnosed with heart failure, and her dementia has increased dramatically, to the point where we probably won't be able to care for her at home much longer. We are waiting for some more testing and needs assessments to be done, but for sure she is going to need some nursing care from now on.

Hubby is laid up with a bad back, so much so that he called work today and told his boss he couldn't leave to go to work tomorrow (he's a truck driver). He has to be hurting pretty bad to not go to work.

Last night we learned that my brother-in-law had a very bad accident while working in the woods. A very large tree branch came down and hit him on the face, shattering the left side of his face. He is facing some major surgery and reconstruction.

I haven't done too much in the sewing department, but I did get some knitting accomplished. My daughter Amanda came over today and did some modelling for me.
 ZuZu's Petal, pattern is available HERE

Pimpelliese, free pattern is available HERE
I don't have any quilting to show you, but Amanda has been very busy making quilts, so here are a few pictures of her accomplishments.

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