Sunday, December 9, 2012

Canning, Knitting, and Company!

A few months ago, I bought a couple of mature chickens on sale and stuck them in the freezer. Yesterday I took them out of the freezer and today I did some canning. I started out by putting both whole chickens in the pressure cooker and cooking them for 30 mins. at 15 lbs. pressure.

When they were cooked and cool enough to handle, I separated the meat from the bones and filled my jars with the chicken and added chicken broth, leaving a 1' headspace.

I ended up with 7 pint jars, and processed them for 75 mins. at 10 lbs. pressure. Here are my finished jars of chicken.
This afternoon I had time to do a little knitting. I made a dishcloth, which is going to be a Christmas gift for someone, but I can't say who.

My mother-in-law, age 91, is also making dishcloths. These ones are for me, to replace my ratty old falling apart ones!

I also had some company this afternoon. My daughter and grandchildren came out for a visit and stayed for supper.

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