Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Allietare Progress

I am slowly progressing on my Allietare blocks. The pattern is downloaded on my tablet, so I didn't bother to print it out, and I paid the price. There I was, happily sewing away, not bothering to check the pattern, when I realized my 7 blocks were wrong! My pieces were mostly all sewn together last winter, and I had all the matching sets of 4 together like they were supposed to be. For some crazy reason, I thought they should be separated, and spent one whole afternoon separating all my matching sets and making sure every piece was different for each block. After finishing 7 blocks, I decided to check the pattern, and guess what? Each block is supposed to have a matching set! So...I spent the next day taking apart those 7 blocks and finding all my matching sets again!
All Pieced WRONG!!!!
Now I can finally say I am back on track, and have finished 13 blocks the right way!
I wish I had a bigger design wall. Mine is just the back of a plastic tablecloth, and it works great, but it is small and in an area that is hard to get at, not ideal, but the only option in my small sewing room. My goal is to try and get at least 4 blocks pieced every day.

On the home front, we have just been blessed with our 10th grandchild. Her name is Chloe Ann.

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